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When sending birthday wishes, it's nice to gift a birthday present that has some sort of meaning     


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A friend's birthday is a fantastic opportunity to gift a meaningful present that has a special meaning to someone you care about.

During the heyday of the Roman Empire, when Britain was under the rule of Rome, Apis (or Hap, Hapi or Hapy) was one of the Gods worshipped, and the word 'happy' in the birthday greeting traces back to this word 'hap' in Old English. So today, when you wish someone 'happy' birthday, you are really wishing the Gods to come upon them and protect them. Happy has been translated literally into other languages ('feliz', for example, in Spanish) but, as is often the case, it is tradition and folklore that lies behind our everyday occasions and events.  

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Do you know someone who would like a really special and meaningful present for the occasion of their next birthday - something a bit different and with a specific meaning?

Birthday parties are anothet age-old tradition. People have always believed in good and evil spirits, and folklore has it that spirits gather around a person who is celebrating his or her birthday. Years ago (and even nowadays in some parts of the world) everyone was afraid that these spirits could cause harm to the birthday boy or girl. And so, friends and relatives would surround the child and their good wishes would protect them. Giving presents brought even greater protection as did eating together and so the concept of the birthday party (and birthday presents) was born. In very early days, only kings or prominent men were thought important enough to celebrate the occasion of their birthdays. But as time went on, ordinary people began to celebrate this event too, and so people gave presents to their friend or loved-one to send their best wishes and to help protect them as much as anything else.

Folklore says that if one blows out all the candles on a birthday cake in one blow, it will bring good fortune. The early Greeks and Romans thought that candles had magical qualities - carrying up their prayers and wishes to the Gods above. Of course, this is all accompanied (in the English-speaking world at any rate) by a raucous chorus of 'Happy Birthday'.

On the event of a child's first birthday in Malta, parents organise a game known as il-quċċija, where a variety of symbolic objects are placed around the seated child. These can include a hard-boiled egg, a Bible, a crucifix or rosary beads, a book, and so on. Whichever object the child shows most interest in is said to reveal the child's path and fortune into adulthood.  

Send your best wishes to a friend, loved-one or work colleague for their birthday . . and help protect them - in addition to encouraging them to have a great day: Make them feel a bit more appreciated with one of our special birthday presents . . a gift with real meaning.  


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