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Birthstone jewellery with meaning created with crystal elements



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It was in another century, indeed another world, in which a young man from Bohemia, Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956), invented and patented a machine, enabling him to cut crystals with the utmost precision. To be able to power his grinding machine with hydro-electric power, Daniel Swarovski moved to Wattens in Tyrol with his family, and with this he laid the foundation for the realisation of his crystalline vision. Today, these Swarovski crystal elements are seen in jewellery all over the world and make beautiful gifts:

Mother charm crystal heart Birthstones Bon Voyage travel charm Friends heart cross charm      

Many people like the idea of birthstone jewellery because it personalises a gift for the particular friend or loved-one you have in mind whether that person is your girlfriend, fiance, mother, sister, aunt, neice, grandmother or wife - or simply a good friend. They are one of today‚Äôs most exciting, versatile and attractive means for transforming fashion and lifestyle jewelry into one-of-a-kind sparkling personal pieces and inspirational jewellery with meaning.

Look at examples of birthstone jewellery pictured below featuring a crystal heart - GARNET for January; AMETHYST for February; AQUAMARINE for March; CLEAR (crystal) for April; EMERALD for May; ALEXANDRITE (or PEARL or MOONSTONE) for June; SIAM (ruby) for July; PERIDOT for August; SAPPHIRE for September; ROSE (tourmaline or opal) for October; TOPAZ (citrine) for November;  ZIRCON (or TURQUOISE) for December:

Birthstone jewellery heart swirls  Hammered heart birthstone jewellery  Birtstone jewellery heart swirl 

Love heart birthstone jewellery  Garnet Aquarius bracelet  Birthstone jewellery hammered heart 

Birthstone jewellery can also be used to personalise symbolic jewellery with other distinct meaning - for example, jewellery gifted to wish good luck and safety travelling, like a St Christopher necklace or a Hamsa Hand of Fatima charm. This type of jewellery also makes a lovely gift for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.


Some people prefer to use their ZODIAC star sign (rather than their month of birth) to select birthstones or gemstones in their jewellery. Although crystal Birthstones and Astrological / Zodiac Gemstones are more or less coincident (except that Birthstones are usually crystal, not gems), there sometimes appears to be a slight difference in denomination because Star signs / Horoscopes are based on the Astrological zodiac which changes around the 22nd of each month, rather than the calendar month. So, for example, somebody born in January might consider their birthstone to be a Garnet BUT, if they were born before January 21st, they are a Capricorn and correctly-speaking the actual gemstone or birthstone for someone born between December 23 - January 20th (i.e. a Capricorn) is a Turquoise. If they were born between January 21 - February 19 their birthstone gemstone is a Garnet (as an Aquarius). See more information on our  Zodiac jewellery  page for Zodiac and REAL gemstone  jewellery.


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