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What is the meaning of Christian Fish jewellery?

Christian fish jewelry makes an inspirational gift full of spiritual significance


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The Christain Fish (Ichthys) is a symbol of Christian faith and 'belonging'

The fish symbol occurred early in Christian history and, in the second century, St. Clement of Alexandria suggested that Christians used a seal engraved with a fish. Consequently, many people used the Fish Symbol to identify themselves to one another - particularly when they were fearful of persecution when they would draw a part of the symbol (for example, scratched in the earth) and await confirmation of a Christian 'friend' by their completion of the symbol.  

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However, from about the fourth century AD, the Cross became a more popular symbol for Christians, and the symbolism of the Fish gradually disappeared.

But in recent years, some Christian groups have given their religion a fresh look by reviving this Fish symbol (Ichthys) as an alternative symbol and it is now well recognised and used throughout the world . . from Christian Unions, to the Churches . . and now by most Church bodies. But, as with most symbols, it is probably the thought (or association) that is important and, just as prayer has a key meaning to Christians, relying on a symbol such as the Christian Fish to bring good fortune or salvation, comes from people's hearts and minds . . in this case, strongly backed-up by their faith.    


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