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SEE gifts of CONGRATULATIONS in our central shop, like congratulations on engagement 


Congratulations gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but our gifts to offer congratulations to a friendd, colleague or loved-one have significance and real meaning.

Do you know a friend or loved-one who deserves some congratulations? Perhaps for an exam result, a new job, the birth of a new baby . . or getting married or engaged?  

Why not congratulate them and send them a small gift of congratulations to let them know that it's a great achievement and that they deserve all the good things that life can offer.    


Tree of congratulations Baby blessing Congratulation gift with soul and luck Graduation blessing Tickling the baby PD   


In China, boomerang-shaped stone or jade chimes are given to pass on message of congratulations to friends, colleagues and relatives. In western culture, we drink champagne and often share a cake to say congratulations / congrats.  

In Hebrew, to congratulate somebody they say "mazel tov" which means "good constellation", as in "good destiny" which also means congratulations. But whatever you say to congratulate your friend or loved-one or send a message of congratulations, you can share your pride and praise with one of our congratulations gifts.  


SEE gifts of CONGRATULATIONS in our central shop, like congratulations on engagement



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