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Cross of Grace jewelry - the magic charm of Christian belief

What is the meaning of the Cross of Grace - the magical gift of Christian belief?

According to ancient scriptures, the Bearer of a Cross is able to unburden their worries and Allow their soul to shine to the world


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Grace is a magic concept of Christian faith . . and grace jewellery (or a piece of grace cross jewelry) is usually given as a gift for encouragement and inspiration - as a simple gift of faith . . because of its deep significance:

Cross of Grace necklace Espiritu Santo cross Christian Cross of Grace     

In the Christian belief, being given grace means that someone surrenders their heart to Christ - and so they are given the Holy Spirit to guide them. In this way, God can then take the blame for all their actions - thus enabling them to regain their so-called innocence.

In other words, if you do what you believe is right (and you don't do what you believe to be wrong), then God will give you the Holy Spirit to guide you and, in this way, a person will be able to shake off everything that society dictates, and so return to an irreproachable blamelessness (like an innocent child really) and so enable their soul to shine through.

The Cross can remind us of this.

Inspire your friends and loved ones, and help encourage them as they go about their daily lives with a present of a piece of Grace Cross jewellery - it is a gift with real meaning   


SEARCH our online shop for Crosses of Grace - jewellery with meaning - a really special present



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