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Need some ideas for a meaningful Easter present?

Easter gifts can be special - and Easter can be an occasion to gift a present with spiritual significance     



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Easter is a good occasion to gift something really special and inspirational. But where did the event of Easter come from?

Easter gets its name from Eostre, the great mother goddess of the Saxons of Northern Europe. And, in many cultures, eggs are central to the event of Easter. Eggs used to be associated with spring as a symbol of germination and a new life.

So the custom of giving eggs as presents at Easter time, was incorporated into the Christian event as a way to symbolise Christ's resurrection. Eggs, often forbidden during Lent, were brought to the dinner tables at the occasion of Easter (dyed red) to symbolise the joy of this celebration.  

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We don't stock Easter eggs, per se, in our online shop, but we do have a range of ideas for meaningful Easter gifts which carry spiritual significance. So, if you want to give a friend or companion / relative a present this Easter, perhaps we can encourage you to gift them something a bit different from the norm and something a bit more inspirational ;)

Do you know someone who would appreciate something of a more spiritual nature this Easter . . something a bit different from the usual gifts of chocolate eggs (which are soon gone)? Perhaps we can help you find an extra special present with more meaning / significance?

Help your friends and loved-ones celebrate the event of Easter by giving a gift with real meaning from our online shop.    


SEE our central shop for ideas for inspirational  Easter Presents  and gifts with spiritual or religious meaning





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