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Gifts to express love and show affection


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Affection is something that one gives and receives. It is something that flows back and forth.  

And a gift of affection is equally fluid - you will receive back what you give.  

Gift of affection Hibiscus femininity and affection Gift of love and protection   

Consider some people's thoughts about THE GIFT OF AFFECTION:  


Love, pure and simple, is the greatest treasure of all,
the gift of affection better than the richest gold-
for in it we find peace.

I love Indalo   

The gift of affection
I feel it is
Love, sweet love
That is what
We all seek
In this life
The gift of affection
To me is
The gift of
Loving one another
That is what
The gift of affection
Is to me

Indalo love   

The gift of affection
From the pot of love
From God
Angels have delivered
To each one of us

Feel good poppies   

Happiness and joy,
A pleasure to behold,
Grace and gentleness,
Opulent, warm like gold.
Admired and loved,
Sweet thoughts, gentle emotions,
Passion that is perplexing,
A complex, but a simple notion.
A pleasure to have in company,
All these things your gift shows,
The gift of affection, you have given me,
A beautiful pink rose.


SEE some of our jewellery gifts expressing  LOVE and AFFECTION  . . in our central shop



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