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- Her friends supported her
- The team gets a lot of support from its fans
- I'd like to thank my parents for all of their love and support over the years
- Support our troops or soldiers
- I depended on my husband for emotional support . .

Just some examples of people supporting one another in life - whether moral, psychological, financial or . . emotional.

Throughout all walks of life, people are seen caring for others and offering their support.

A small gift like a support bracelet can go a long way to show that you are offering your support . . whatever the circumstances, helping sustain a friend or loved-one to withstand stress, affliction or pressure, or to show that you are supporting a particular cause or group


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There is also peer support - when friends provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help - they support each other.

Sympathetic support, on the other hand is a feeling of concern - an understanding, and a reaction to the distress or need of another human being.

But, in all kinds of support, a small gift of support speaks volumes - and means so much to the recipient. It really can help friends withstand an ordeal and keep them from slipping, falling ad sinking.

Give a friend or loved-one experiencing difficulties the gift of your support, and they will remember you and your kind deed forever and perhaps they will no longer need to suffer in solitude.   


SEARCH for Gifts of  SUPPORT  in our main shop


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