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He remembered how she used to pick flowers and he wanted to get her a small gift to rekindle something of the past. In this way they were able to reminisce about the good times: It was a gift to remember better times.

And so it goes: Often, we like to think back; and often, we like to give a friend or loved-one a little present in this respect - a gift with meaning. 

We also like to give friends and relatives (even work colleagues) a present that says "Thanks" we'll remember you for that" Or: "I love you and I'll remember you for ever"


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But it is not all about reminiscing: A gift to remember somebody or some thing or some event can be a lovely surprise . . a thoughtful gift. For example, to say: Remember I love you.

So, if you feel that a friend or loved-one or work colleague would appreciate (or deserves) a gift because of something that happened in the past - or you want them to know that you recognise them and consider them special and that you'll remember them forever, have a look at some of the gifts to remember in our online shop.

Think back; recall the past; recapture memories . . indulge yourself and your friend, and send them a greeting.  


SEARCH for Gifts to  REMEMBER  in our main shop


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