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I love you . . Je t'aime . . Te quiero . . and here is my special gift to you


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Hush my baby, don't you cry

I'll dry your eyes, fulfil your heart's desire    


Whether said as an expression of romantic feeling to a lover,

or an affirmation of affection or deep caring,

or simply as an inclination of liking to a friend,

the words I LOVE YOU can be very powerful.  


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But when you want to express your feelings, words alone can sometimes drift away.  

When accompanied by a gift, however, the words I LOVE YOU can be much more potent.   

So, if you say I LOVE YOU and, at the same time, give someone a small present, that person - friend, relative / loved-one, will remember it for ever. They will really FEEL it. And perhaps they will then let you know that they love you too. Gifts that say I love you really work.

Even between good friends (often of the same sex), it can be good thing to express this emotional closeness with a gift . . "you're my best friend - my mate". In this case, it is more about friendship, but equally felt.  


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