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Friendship is a one of those very special gifts that allows you to express your feelings and to be yourself (and to make mistakes) without the fear of judgement

A true friend is someone you can trust and rely on for emotional support 


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Friendship is a relationship between two people who hold a mutual affection for each other. They want to be together because it makes them feel good and they are happy in each others' company. They also trust one another - an implicit part of friendship, and one friend can rely on the other to be honest, understanding and compassionate. Friendship makes the world go round, and a small present to show friendship can be especially valued.

A friend can be a good acquaintance, a family member, a spouse or even a lover whose company one enjoys and towards whom you feel affection. In the ideal friendship, there is an equal contribution towards the relationship and mutual give and take (although this is not always the case). "The only way to have a good friend is to be one," is often quoted, and a good friend will want only what is good for the other person. They regard each other with liking, affection, loyalty . . and sometimes intimacy. Friendship gifts can mean so much.


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