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Gifts for travellers like a travel bracelet, for example (often consisting of travel charms attached to necklaces, bracelets and anklets), are meant to pass on the sentiment that says: "Have a good journey" or "Have a safe trip" - on the occasion when a friend, colleague or loved-one is leaving on a journey or travelling abroad to foreign lands and places unknown.

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So, a gift of a travel charm bracelet or necklace (or a piece or jewellery indicative of a travel charm) to a loved-one, friend or work colleague, is a truly meaningful present to wish them well for their special journey - and safety on the way. This type of jewellery can also be gifted as a Going Away present or on the occasion of a Leaving Do or Leaving Event - as well as being an ideal gift for travellers

Travel charms such as travel necklaces and travel bracelets also make lovely little keepsakes for your friends to carry with them, to watch over them and to protect them as they go about their daily lives - in addition to when they are on voyages to distant or difficult places.    


SEE our central store for meaningful  travel charm jewellery  . .

it would make an ideal present for people travelling


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