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What exactly is the meaning of Yin Yang jewellery? And why?


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Yin Yang jewellery is often gifted for friendship - as a present between special friends and lovers, implying that neither can properly exist without the other. But why?  

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Yin-Yang (which is sometimes called 'Yin and Yang') means 'shadow and light', and is used to describe how opposites or seemingly contrary forces are inter-connected and inter-dependent. This concept lies at the heart of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline for traditional Chinese medicine. Many natural dualities such as dark and light, male and female, high and low, hot and cold, water and fire, earth and air - can be viewed as manifestations of Yin and Yang (respectively).

But philosophers say that Yin and Yang are not opposing forces (dualities) per se, but complementary . . interacting to form a greater whole, as part of a dynamic system. Everything has both Yin and Yang aspects . . for light could not be understood without darkness, and shadow could not exist without light.

The Yin-Yang symbol therefore represents the concept of harmony - two aspects in a single reality . . each containing the seed of the other. This concept is frequently used to express mutual feelings between two people such as friendship or a romantic relationship.

For this reason, pieces of Yin-Yang jewellery are often gifted between friends or lovers (or boyfriend and girlfriend) as a present which says 'I love you' or 'I care' and 'We should be together'

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